[BEAST MODE] 11-year-old girl uses arrow to pull out her loose tooth (VIDEO)

(Scroll down for video)

A young girl in Colorado, managed to pull out her tooth by using a bow and arrow, according to video uploaded to the Internet.

According to the video that was uploaded to YouTube, 11-year-old Alexis Davidson acted tough and had no tears as she was left with a gaping hole in her mouth.

Not only did she successfully extract her tooth by shooting the arrow from the bow, she managed to hit the target on a cardboard box several feet away.

Her father, Jason Mcdonald of Aurora, recorded his daughter in slow motion as she pulled the trigger of the bow and arrow while her mother watched.

The incident unfolded in the backyard of the family home. The video, which was uploaded to YouTube on Friday, quickly went viral and racked up more than one million views.

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