[VIDEO] Jimmy Carter: “I Believe That Jesus Would Approve of Gay Marriage”

Carter-e1436281153395Former president Jimmy Carter opined on HuffPost Live that he believe Jesus would approve of gay marriage, noting that it was just his “personal belief.”

The one-term Democratic president noted that he was opposed to abortion, because he did not believe Jesus would approve. “Would Jesus approve gay marriage?” asked host Marc Lamont Hill.

“I believe he would, I believe Jesus would,” Carter said, before cautioning, “I don’t have any verse in scripture…”

“No no no, just intuitively, yeah,” Hill agreed.

“I believe that Jesus would approve of gay marriage, but I’m not– that’s just my own personal belief,” he concluded. “I think Jesus would approve of any love affair that was honest and sincere, and was not damaging to anyone else. And I don’t think that gay marriage damages anyone else.”

Watch, via HuffPost Live (starting @17:00):


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