Who Is The Latest Hollywood Elite To Support Trump?

Despite the liberal naysayers and haters, he’s surging in the polls and gaining more and more support from other public figures. Ted Cruz is the only 2016 GOP candidate who hasn’t thrown Trump under the buss for speaking out against illegals and Obama’s immigration policy.

Ted Nugent has told the haters to kiss-off, and Kid Rock has also praised Trump for his forthright stance on what every American knows is going on under their noses but is denied by the liberal media. Now, the latest to support Trump is Hollywood heavyweight, Clint Eastwood.

This weekend Trump will be meeting with Eastwood on his three state tour through the west coast.

The Political Insider: Now, Clint Eastwood has shared his opinion on Donald Trump in a huge way. Not only does Eastwood support him, but he’s speaking on behalf of Trump in California, Arizona, and Nevada!

“I will be in California this weekend making a speech for Clint Eastwood,” Trump, who’s seeking the Republican nomination for President, tweeted on Wednesday.

“Then to Arizona and Vegas. Big crowds. Discussing illegals & more!”

A Trump campaign spokeswoman described the event with Eastwood as “private” and declined to disclose more details.

This is big news! Donald Trump has been under fire for rejecting political correctness and speaking the truth about the Obama-created illegal immigration problem.

Eastwood, who lives in California, is in a state which has been devastated by millions of illegals flooding in. They have committed countless crimes and spread disease. And that’s why Eastwood supports Trump!

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It seems crowds are turing out in larger numbers, for Trump, than expected.

Western Journalism reports: The candidate will then head to FreedomFest in Las Vegas, where he is slated to give a speech entitled “What the American Dream Means to Me, and How We Can Make America Great Again.”

Trump will conclude the day with a rally at the Phoenix Convention Center, where he will give another speech focusing on illegal immigration, he said on Twitter. It will be hosted by the Republican Party of Maricopa County and will also feature an appearance by Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, The Arizona Republic reported. The state’s other most visible Republicans, Sens. John McCain and Jeff Flake as well as Gov. Doug Ducey, have passed on the event, all decrying Trump’s anti-illegal immigration rhetoric.

The paper also reported the event was initially scheduled to take place at the Arizona Biltmore, but was moved to the convention center because of an overwhelming demand, the local party said.

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