[VIDEO] Fox Pastor: Churches Protecting Immigrants Following ‘Jesus of Their Imagination’

jeffressPastor Robert Jeffress told Fox & Friends Weekend Sunday morning that churches needed to enforce the immigration laws*, and that meant turning undocumented immigrants over to the government to prevent incidents like the murder of a San Francisco tourists by an undocumented immigrant last week.

Some congregations have offered “sanctuary” to undocumented immigrants. Jeffress, a conservative pastor from Dallas, said they were “harboring illegal immigrants who may be criminals.”

“Look, a lot of these liberal churches that harbor illegal immigrants who are criminals say they are following the example of Jesus,” Jeffress said. “The only problem is they are following the Jesus of their imagination rather than the Jesus of the Bible.”

“Jesus was not this wimpy little guy who walked around munching sunflower seeds and saying nice things to people,” he added. “The real Jesus of the Bible said ‘render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s. That is: obey the government.” 

“The real Jesus is just as concerned by the horrific death of Kate Steinle…as he is about the poverty and plight of immigrants,” he concluded.

*As opposed to the Supreme Court’s ruling legalizing gay marriage, which necessitates civil disobedience.

Watch the clip below, via Fox News:



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