Macy’s Learns A Hard Lesson When Messing With Trump

It would seem that crossing the Donald is a little more damaging than anticipated by one of the major corporations that decided to slap him on the hand for his anti-illegal-immigrant comments. Macy’s thought that publicly denouncing his comments and cutting ties would put the Donald in his place and get him to back off his original stand, but I guess they just miscalculated that move.

Over 30,000 Macy’s customers have renounced their store loyalty and sent their cut up credit cards back to the company, Western Journalism reports.

Monday that the retail giant has been “inundated with complaints” from about 30,000 customers about them unfairly punishing Trump since announcing the end of their relationship with him two weeks ago.

Thousands of customers said they will never shop at the store again and have even cut up their Macy’s credit cards. But a Macy’s spokesperson disputes that claim, telling TMZ, “Our Facebook page is often times used by our customers to express their feelings or points of view. Many times it does not correlate to any action.”

The twitterverse has lit up with support for Trump and he has expressed his appreciation for their support.

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