Obama’s ‘Deal’ with Iran – Yay, We Get Nothing!


“Military revolutions are missed, not only because of military sloth, delusional leadership, or a reactionary romance with the past. They are also missed because of a failure at elite levels of society either to perceive real threats posed by real external enemies, or to countenance sacrifices necessary to meet them” ~ Victor D Hanson

Defense-Training-International-LogoThe “Deal” with Iran:

As details emerge of today’s nuclear “deal” with the Persians, our worst fears are assuming reality!

Iran will continue to develop nuclear weapons, and delivery systems (now openly!) with scant interference. Sanctions are lifted and can never be reimposed. Iran will continue to enthusiastically sponsor international terrorism without interruption.

In return, we get nothing!

We don’t even get our hostages released!

We’ll now see a frantic scramble to develop nuclear capability on the part of other nations in the region, like Saudi Arabia, and around the world, like Japan, as it is obvious to everyone that the USA has utterly capitulated.

It should make us all suspicions that Vlad P, Syria’s Assad, and the Iranians are all celebrating deliriously.

By contrast, no one is celebrating over here, nor in Israel!

We’ve been sold down the river!

I wish there were another way of putting it.


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