Ted Cruz Eviscerates Obama’s Iran/Nuke Deal

In a statement released, yesterday, by his campaign, Ted Cruz completely disemboweled the nuclear deal made by the Obama administration.

He lambasted Barack Obama’s apparent promotion of a deal at any cost, suggesting the evidence lies within the agreement’s details.

Western Journalism reported more details in the Cruz statement, which more or less stated the devil is in the detail.

“Today,” he wrote, “the international community led by the United States has agreed to not only legitimize and perpetuate the Iranian nuclear program, but also to further arm and enrich the brutal theocratic regime that has oppressed the Iranian people for more than thirty years – a regime that is wrongfully holding United Sates citizens captive, that is sponsoring radical Islamic terrorism across the globe, and that regularly promotes the destruction of both Israel and America throughout its streets.”

“Under the terms of this deal,” Cruz explained, “Iran will retain all of its centrifuges, one-third of which will continue to spin. Rather than the most intrusive inspections regime in history that we were promised, [International Atomic Energy Agency] inspectors must petition the mullahs to visit sensitive sites, and wait for two weeks for their permission. In a final, shocking concession, the United States will support lifting of the United Nations arms embargos that restrict the Iranian ballistic missile program and arms trafficking. And in return, billions of dollars of economic relief will flow to Tehran.”

And while he concluded there is hope the congress will stop the deal, he additionally stress the seriousness of the issue.

He concluded his statement by urging “all my fellow citizens to speak out and let their elected leaders know that even if President Obama won’t see it, we know the leaders of the Islamic Republic who lead crowds in chants of ‘Death to America’ and ‘Death to Israel’ are not our partners in peace, and must not be put on the path to a nuclear bomb.”

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