[VIDEO] Here’s The Do-It-Yourself Gun-Toting Drone That’s Freaking Everybody Out

droneFor most people, seeing personal drone, or quad-copters, flying around in public spaces has become a common occurrence. From obtaining better vantages for firework shows and public sporting events, to Amazon’s ongoing attempts to secure FAA approval for home drone delivery services, the personalized devices that often sound like an angry swarm of bees are becoming the norm.

Except, of course, when someone goes and does something stupid with one, like a DIY project to convert a quad-copter into a militarized piece of weaponry. At least, that’s what YouTube user Hogwit claims to have done:

Homemade multi-rotor with a semiautomatic handgun mounted on it.

Note: The length from the muzzle to the rear of the frame is over 26″.

The description is short, and mostly unnecessary (unless you’re looking to replicate its design and practice), because the actual 14-second YouTube clip is fucking frightening. Yes, because it shows a handgun attached to a rather large personal drone, but also because it was posted online by someone with the handle “Hogwit.”

Check out the clip below, courtesy of Hogwit:


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