911 Dispatcher Hangs Up On Caller After Telling Him To “Deal With It Yourself.” Victim Dies!

One could hope that if, God forbid, you ever needed to call 911 you would get a dispatcher with a little more empathy and compassion than this guy. Unfortunately it didn’t work out so well for Jaydon Chavez-Silver. He died, after being shot in the chest. His friend called 911, and the dispatcher, Matthew Sanchez, hung up on him because he didn’t like his attitude. Really.

“Deal with it yourself,” is what Sanchez told the caller. Listen to the call!

KRQE has more:

Chavez-Silver was shot and killed during a party in the Heights back on June 26. He had only been there for five minutes when someone started shooting at the home. During the 911 call, frantic attempts to save the Manzano High School student’s life are audible in the background.

Albuquerque Fire Department says the firefighter on the line is Driver Matthew Sanchez, who was working in the dispatch center that night. He repeatedly asks if Jaydon is breathing, but when the caller gets annoyed with the questions and snaps at Sanchez, the firefighter tells her she’s on her own and hangs up on her.

That’s the last time he’ll ever make that mistake because he got fired.

Albuquerque Fire Chief David Downey released the following statement:

“After learning of the alleged misconduct, Driver Matthew Sanchez was immediately removed from the dispatch center and placed on administrative assignment. An internal investigation has been initiated. As the Chief of the department, I am taking the allegation very seriously.”

Now, the family just wants to find the shooter.

Jaydon’s mother heard the call shortly after it was released to KRQE. She says she’s heartbroken by the way the firefighter acted on that 911 call.

“They’re beyond belief about what happened,” said Dan Sparago, a spokesperson for the family. “But at the same time they want to focus on [catching] the people who did this.”

His family is asking anyone with information to come forward and they say a reward fund has been set up at Bank of the West.

“They have complete confidence in the Albuquerque Police Department and they’re sure that the detectives are doing all they can to find the people who did this,” Sparago said.

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