Mother Claims, Five-Year-Old Boy Forced Classmate To Simulate Oral Sex At Primary School

An investigation has been launched into claims a five-year-old boy forced another child to simulate oral sex at a primary school in Bedfordshire.

Bedfordshire council has launched an investigation into the incident, which is alleged to have taken place inside a local primary school in May.

The victim’s mother said that her five-year-old daughter was locked in the school’s toilets by a boy of the same age. She told local press: “He… told her to keep quiet and if [said] we get caught it’ll be ‘your fault’.”

According to Bedfordshire News, the mother says the school referred the matter to the local safeguarding body, which comprises the council, police and healthcare professionals.

She said she has since removed her daughter from the school because, she claims, “the head teacher kept telling me this is normal behaviour. How is this normal behaviour? They won’t tell him what he did is wrong and it is unacceptable.”

A spokesperson for Bedfordshire Borough Council told The Independent ““ The Council is aware of a safeguarding incident at the school and in view of the concerns expressed by the parents we are reviewing the actions taken at the time to safeguard the children involved. It is not appropriate for the Council , or the school, to go into specific details of any individual safeguarding case given we are required to manage these matters confidentially and with due regard to all the evidence available.”

Found at The Independent 

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