Rand Paul Whines About Main Stream Media Giving Trump Too Much Attention, Calling It A Loss Of Sanity

With just a few days before the first GOP debate, there seems to more and more resentment brewing among some of the GOP candidates, against Donald Trump. Surprisingly, some conservative favorites are complaining about The Donald.

Rick Perry called trump a cancer to conservatism. Story/video here on Mediate. Rick Kasich tried to put some distance between himself and his campaign strategists who used social media to disparage Trump.

Politico: Ohio Gov. John Kasich on Sunday tried to distance himself from a key political strategist who has complicated the governor’s efforts to avoid getting into a spat with competing Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

In an interview on “Fox News Sunday,” Kasich was asked to respond to a July 27 Twitter post from strategist John Weaver, who wrote: “Imagine a NASCAR driver mentally preparing for a race knowing one of the drivers will be drunk. That’s what prepping for this debate is like.”

Weaver never mentioned Trump by name but appeared to be clearly referring to him and Thursday’s first GOP presidential debate in Cleveland, where Kasich is fighting for one of the top 10 slots on the main stage that’s determined by the candidates’ standing in national polls.

“He won’t be sending any more tweets like that, Chris,” Kasich assured Fox host Chris Wallace. “That’s not the way we operate.”

But it would seem that the latest, and maybe the most frustrated candidate, at Trumps domination of the media is Rand Paul. He contributes the surge of support for Trump as a “Temporary loss of sanity.”


Perhaps some possible questions for Paul in the upcoming debates would be, “Did he experience a temporary loss of sanity when he crawled into be with establishment Republican, Mitch McConnell, to endorse him during his last election?” And, why, since Trump has had such success with his take-no-prisoners stance at taking back Washington/government, hasn’t he, or any other career politicians taken a page from the Trump play book and take the bull by the horns to vow to clean up the mess? Just a thought… It seems to be what the people want. And is would seem to be a no brainer for anyone serious about winning the GOP nomination, or at least taking the air out of Trump’s tires.

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