[WATCH] Cruz Releases Another Machine Gun Video; This One Thanks to Rachel Maddow

cruzTed Cruz made a video with IJReview in which he makes machine gun bacon,” combining two of America’s greatest loves: weapons and bacon.

Well, Rachel Maddow had to go and ruin the fun last night by fact-checking Cruz, and explained that it was not, in fact, a machine gun, but just an AR-15. She said it’s “kind of obvious” he wasn’t holding a machine gun.

“Does he really not know what a machine gun is?” she asked. “Does he think he was firing one here? Does he want us to think he was firing one here?”

Maddow concluded, “Apparently Ted Cruz doesn’t know what he’s talking about when he’s talking about guns.”

Well, Cruz responded on Twitter today, complete with a video of him shooting an actual machine gun:


Maddow responded:


(Just a guess here: “machine gun bacon” sounds way cooler than “AR-15 bacon.”)

You can watch Maddow’s segment here, via MSNBC:

And Cruz’s response here:


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