[PHOTOS] The Heartfelt tattoo this Father got to support his young daughter

The story of a father in New Zealand who got a tattoo to match his daughter’s cochlear implant is going viral.

Alistair Campbell’s daughter Charlotte, six, had recently gotten a new cochlear implant to improve her hearing. As a father, he decided to take it upon himself to shave his entire head in order to get his own implant tattooed above his ear.

He said his reasons for doing so were simple: he loved his daughter.

“My love for her really,” said Alistair. “Hey my hair can grow back.”

He told reporters that he will continue shaving his head “for special occasions”.

Charlotte reportedly loved his new tattoo.

According to the Metro, she touched it and said it was “cool” when she was shown the tattoo.

A picture of the implant tattoo has since been posted on Facebook where it was shared dozens of times.

Charlotte had initially gotten her second cochlear implant at the Gillies Hospital after doctors diagnosed her as profoundly deaf in her left ear.

She reportedly has a condition in her right ear that renders sound waves improperly transmitted, which causes hearing problems.

Her older brother Lewis, eight, also wears hearing aids as well as the children’s mother Anita Campbell who wears a cochlear implant.

Despite Charlotte’s condition, she still remains a normal child.

“But the key thing is Charlotte does all the things hearing kids can do,” said the mother. “She lives a really ordinary life.”

Source: MetroNew Zealand Herald

Photo Credit: Metro

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