[WATCH] BILL MAHER: If Trump Can Survive Fox “Trying to Put a Stake in Him,” He Could Go All the Way

Screen-Shot-2015-08-07-at-10.45.07-PM-300x204Bill Maher returned from break on Friday night to react to Donald Trump‘s “nonsense” campaign and said that people shouldn’t count him out yet.

He noted how people laughed off Ronald Reagan as a joke before he ran for president, and said no one actually thought Trump would even get this far. “Fox tried to put a stake in him,” Maher said, “and I don’t think they did.”

Steve Schmidt agreed that it’s “crazy to dismiss his chances to be the Republican nominee” and said, “A lot of what he says is nonsense talk.”

Maher did wonder, though, “what does it say about your party that the guy who’s leading you say is full of nonsense?”

Watch the video below, via HBO:


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