[17 PHOTOS] of Parents Brutally Pranking Their Kids!

Love them or hate them, parents made and probably continue to make your world go round. They can be like a cup of coffee when you’re having a bad day, but there will always be days where a parent is less of a friend and more of a mortal enemy. Especially when you come home after your long shift at work or school only to find your X-Box controllers trapped in gelatin for the fifth time this month.

That’s not all they do, though. If you’ve got a prankster for a parent, you should take the life insurance policy out before a prank goes awry and you end up in a casket. Depending on your parent’s particular devotion to the craft of pranking, you may find yourself up against some absolutely diabolical setups. A bedroom floor covered in water-filled red solo cups is one thing, but a kitchen counter covered in upside-down water filled glasses is the calling card of an evil genius.

Whatever you do though, don’t just prank your parents back without a second thought. They’ve been on this Earth for a lot longer than you have, and if your mother’s eyes in the back of her head mean anything to you, you’ll understand how outgunned you really are. You’ve got to have determination and some powerful motivation to even think of a worthwhile retaliation prank, but it’s going to take guts and a lot of luck to pull it off.

Word to the wise when it comes to pranking your parents back: if it’s got electricity, skip it. If ol’ pops grabs a door handle and feels the energy of the car battery on the other side, you’re liable to give the man some heart troubles. Do yourself – and dad – a favor and leave the buzzers for the novelty gift shops, nobody wants to call their family doctor and explain that one.


Dad’s Love To Party

Dad's Love To Party

Sharpies on passed out faces were your father’s favorite canvas through college; true story.

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