[Video] Mother takes Child to the store and instructs her to steal, what she steals is the worst part

Security video shows the woman as she instructed the child on which item to steal. She then walked away from the child toward the front of the store.

A woman is wanted for allegedly teaching a young girl to shoplift.

Surveillance video captured the woman instructing the girl to shoplift a large bottle of tequila from a liquor store Wednesday afternoon.

  • It happened at 24/7 Liquors in Pembroke Park.

  • The child attempted to lift a large bottle of liquor but found it to be too heavy. The woman then told the child to go back and take a smaller bottle.

The child returned to the shelves and selected a smaller bottle of 1800 Silver Tequila. She hid it behind her back and walked to the front of the store.

The girl stood by the registers until the woman was able to block the clerk’s view. She quickly left the store, stopping to hide the bottle once more from customers as they walked in.

The young girl then went to a white Chevrolet Impala or similar model waiting in the parking lot.

Detectives are looking for a black female with black hair who wore a grey tank dress and sandals. She has tattoos high on her shoulders or upper back area. The child is a black female with braids and beads in her black hair. She appeared to be approximately 7-years-old and wore black pants, a pink and white top and sandals.

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