[LIVE-STREAM] On the Heels Of Radical Islamic Threats to Veterans, Vets Proudly March Thru The Community For Veterans Awareness

22 km, with 22 kg, for the 22 vets a day who kill themselves.
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The mission is to raise awareness on post traumatic stress, suicide prevention, and how to effectively help the 22. Support and spread Irreverent Warriors bottom line: “put the gun back on safe, put it back on the nightstand, and stick around a bit longer.” Semper Fi.
HERE is the EVENT page
This march is originally the idea of medically retired Marine Capt. Donny O’Malley and combines some of the things Marines love most in his effort to bring awareness to a serious issue: humor and very short shorts known as silkies.

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A 22km (13.6 mile) veteran’s hike/pub crawl with 22 kg on our backs (for whoever enjoys the weight, it’s not required) throughout Main Street downto Hotshots St. Charles and back (still working on the final details) ending with a gathering at a determined pub.

To get veterans and our supporters together, to put weight on our backs and feel nostalgic, to laugh, to drink, to party, and remind us all that our camaraderie and brotherhood will never die. #notforpussies

1000 on Saturday, August 15th, 2015 (Tentative)

1000-1030 Again, this is the tentative route, but planning for Staging at Tactical Shit Shop, going Main Street to S. River Road, up Friedens rd to Hotshots and back, with a after party at one of the Pubs on Main

CIVILIANS/SUPPORTERS: Open to join in the ruck, if not, please feel free to be advance party to the locations if you’d like to receive your veterans with cheers, hugs, kisses, photos, videos, beer, shots, screaming, yelling, and excessive PDA.

Uniform of the Day:
Vets: Silkies, moto shirt, ruck (with weight, 22kg=48lbs, of course optional), plate carrier if wanted, and combat boots
Civilians: Ruck or carrier if desired, silkies, booty shorts, American attire, gym cloths, running shoes, ect…

Backpack – The 22 kg is optional
Snacks, protein bars, fruit
Camelback with water

For the families, friends, civilians, and supporters meeting us as the Muster location:
Flags, support, water.

Police escort is I will work on,for potential high traffic areas…if not, four crazy mofos with road guard vests will have to do. If anyone can contact or has connections with St. Charles PD that would help


No weapons, weapon accessories, magazines, ammo, flash bangs, grenades, nuclear devices or other illegal arms (nunchucks and/or a bo staff are acceptable). We will be going into bars and consuming alcohol, so even if you are licensed for concealed carry – LEAVE IT AT HOME…and I could give two fucks about “open-carry”, if I see any moron with a rifle I will personally kick you in the nuts. This will be strictly enforced.
No drinking open containers in public.
No conversations about politics with strangers.
No engaging anyone who makes negative comments to us.
If there are any PTSD or emotional episodes everyone must rally to control the situation, help our bro, and protect the group from an early night.
No getting so drunk that you lose your shit (just be cool bro).
Do slam your beers quickly at the bars
Do have your cash ready
Do “check-in” on Facebook as we progress through the hike
Do flirt with girls and invite them to party at Midtown Drinkery later that night.
Do whatever it takes to help a bro out
Do mumble the words “I love you” to a bunch of dudes you’ve never met.
Do bring CASH for drinks to help expedite each stop.


To make 22kg, stuff 5 gallons of water and the rest of the shit that you want in your pack.
For machine gunners – Make something that mimics the weight of a 240 golf on your back and we’ll pass it around.

Guidons will look great.

Who’s got the American flag? Marine Corps flag? Navy flag?
Also at this point I need volunteers with trucks (we need 1-2) to act as a safety vehicle for anyone who can’t make it, dehydration, water, ect. Let me know if you can help



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