Liberals, start screaming: Chick-fil-A restaurant owner does the unimaginable to his employees

You know how AWFUL Chick-fil-A is as a company, right? How the late founder, S. Truett Cathy, raised the ire of many because he was unabashed in his opinion of traditional marriage (practically a crime nowadays in the U.S. of A.) and the company proudly closes on Sundays to observe the Sabbath (a quaint, obsolete idea to many).

 Besides Chick-fil-A is a corporation, and corporations are evil, greedy, money-hungry monsters, right?
Co-owner Jeff Glover
Co-owner Jeff Glover

Okay liberals, how do you explain THIS one?

A Chick-fil-A owner recently had to shut down his Austin, Texas restaurant for five months for renovations, according to the Business Insider.
Instead of temporarily laying off his 50 workers, Jeff Glover shocked his staff by continuing to pay them during the entire five months the restaurant would be closed, ABC affiliate KVUE reports.

 Glover even gave them a $1-per-hour raise for sticking with him.

“It would be a real financial crisis for the 50 families represented by the workers here to have to go five months without a job,” Glover told the station.

Good guys do finish first after all. According to QSR magazine, Chick-fil-A dominates fast food, generating more revenue per restaurant than any other fast-food chain in the US.

And they have darn tasty food.

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