Is This REALLY A Good Idea? Oath Keepers Organize An Open Carry Demonstration For Blacks In Ferguson

After being sharply criticized by Ferguson elected, for showing up on the scene to lend a hand during recent demonstrations, they’re back to prove a point/make a statement. A statement about 2A rights. And Open Carry Demonstration for the black citizens in Ferguson. Is this really a good idea?

Blacks have the same rights as white people to carry guns, according to Oath Keepers, Sam Andrews.

St. Louis Post Dispatch:

Sam Andrews, of Eureka, representing Oath Keepers, said Monday the group wants to help black citizens engage in open carry of long-barrel firearms. Andrews said the group got the idea after black demonstrators told them this month that they would risk being shot if they showed up with firearms in the way that several white members of the Oath Keepers did.

“We’re going to demonstrate to the world that black people have the same rights as white people,” Andrews said.


Oath Keeper members appeared toting rifles and wearing protective vests during street demonstrations on the anniversary of the Aug. 9, 2014, shooting death of Michael Brown of Ferguson. St. Louis County Executive Steve Stenger said the group’s presence was “inflaming a situation that was already inflamed.”

Andrews said county officials who oppose Oath Keepers’ presence “have no idea what our state guns laws are.”

On Monday, St. Louis County Police Chief Jon Belmar’s office released a one-sentence statement saying he has “always been on record respecting the constitutionally protected gun rights for all citizens.”

Last December, county police confronted Oath Keeper members who said they were posted on rooftops to protect property. Police said the members did not possess security-guard licenses.

Andrews said his group isn’t ready to say when and where the new demonstration will be held.

Andrews said his group’s plan for an open-carry demonstration puts police officials “in a box. If there are arrests, the lawsuits will be staggering,” he said.

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