[VIDEO] Mob of Black Teens Surround White Teen Boy, and Beat Him

The doctor said to observe the boy for signs of a concussion, which he thankfully seemed to have avoided. However, the police became involved, and the video helped identify six of the seven culprits in the savage beating.


A group of black teens brutally beat up a white 13-year-old in a racially-charged incident that had six of the teens facing possible assault charges.

To make matters worse, the teens were caught because of video taken by another teen who had been threatened by the group.

The incident happened in Norwood, Ohio, outside of the Holy Trinity Church festival. The teens in question obviously weren’t too interested in the religious aspect of the occasion, however, and soon surrounded a white 13-year-old with the intention of duking it out.

The group was discussing which one would hit him first before a sucker punch from a teen standing behind the victim settled the question. He was then on the ground, getting pummeled by punches and kicks, before the teens noticed adult intervention and ran away like the cowards they obviously are.

The victim decided that he wasn’t going to tell anyone about the beating he received. However, the video leaked on line and the boy’s grandmother, Mary Baker, took him to a doctor.

Baker said she was stunned by the viciousness of the attack and the lack of morals among the young attackers.

“What if it happened to them? How would they feel? They need to get some discipline. Apparently someone’s not paying attention,” Baker said. “You guys don’t know what that video’s like to watch when it’s your own kid. And I don’t know how a parent can watch it — even the kids that did that. How could they watch that video and accept that?”

The video was filmed by Kim Watkins’ son. Watkins told reporters that she had told her son to record the gang of youths in case they did anything because they had threatened both her and her son.

“I came out and tried to shoo them away,” Watkins said. “They cursed at me; they called me names; they threatened to shoot my house up.”

Lt. Ron Murphy of the Norwood Police Department said that his department plans to prosecute this case as well as any other cases of violent acts posted on social media.

“You see these videos on social media and it’s getting very disturbing to me that nothing seems to be done, but we’re going to do something,” he said (H/T Mad World News) and Conservative Tribune.

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