[ALARMING] Masses of dead fish wash up on shores 6km from Tianjin blast site

Masses of dead fish wash up on shores 6km from Tianjin blast site

Heaps of dead fish were spotted pilling up near the shores of a lake in Tianjin this afternoon, some six kilometers from the site of the blasts that ripped through a warehouse storing hazardous goods in the port city’s Binhai district.



Local residents said they’ve never before witnessed so many dead fish in the area.


Ruihai International Logistics warehouse, which stored hazardous material including 700 tons of sodium cyanide, 800 tons of ammonium nitrate and 500 tons of potassium, has been replaced by a massive black craterafter two larges explosions ripped through the facility last Wednesday, leaving at least 114 people dead and hundreds more injured.


The Tianjin Environmental Bureau said yesterday that tests showed cyanide levels in the river, sea and waste water had all risen considerably in the wake of the explosion, and one sample taken from a drain pipe near the site of the blasts recorded cyanide levels 277 times above acceptable standards.

However, the bureau insisted that the air and drinking water in the city were within safe levels, and that water pollution had been efficiently contained.

Tianjin officials said that environmental protection department workers were sent to the scene to investigate the fish deaths.


In other Exodus-esque happenings since the explosion, rain that washed over the city on Tuesday left a mysterious white foamy substance on the ground. Some who made contact with the rain reported feeling a burning sensation on their face and lips, while others said they experienced stinging and itching sensations on their arms. Authorities, however, have said that the rainwater is not toxic.

The end of the world is nigh.

[Images via hk.on.cc]

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