[VIDEO] Here are all the Nasty details about this woman’s find in Her Starbucks coffee


Looks like Starbucks has started adding a bit of protein to their drinks, at least for this woman in Arizona that seems to be the case.

 Says she will never go back again.


The woman’s name is Kim Dillon, and the accused protein is a dead lizard!

The Starbucks on 67th Avenue and Happy Valley Road, located in a little place called Fry’s Marketplace, served her her overpriced sugar free latte and all seemed like normal. Dillon left the store with her husband and all was normal, until she took a sip of her drink. According to her husband Brian however, it was more than a sip! In an interview with ABC 15, he stated:

“It was a lizard, a little lizard! That she drank. That went into her mouth.”

Ever heard of the term “flip out?” I’m suspecting that’s what happened at that point! With her new pet “coffee-lizard” in tow, they spun around and headed back to the Starbucks. Management believes this is an extremely rare case (since there’s no way a lizard would be in the machines spewing out the delicious latte), it’s thus far assumed that the lizard had just made it’s way into a cup and gone unnoticed by the employees.

After an event like this, I wonder if Dillon will be heading back anytime soon.



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