#BlackLivesMatter Group Invades Affluent Neighborhood and Attacks Pedestrians, While Chanting “WE’RE READY FOR WAR”

#BlackLivesMatter Protesters Invaded the Central West End restaurant district.

Protesters gathered again in North St. Louis on Thursday night after local Mansur Ball-Bey was shot dead by police.

Mansur Ball-Bey pointed a stolen gun at police after fleeing a crack house.
He was shot dead by police.

The protesters were chanting, “We’re ready for war.”
Video by Kenny Bahr

The protesters are blocking traffic on Euclid – a busy street in the Central West End.
Video by Kenny Bahr

UPDATE: Police have shut down the streets.
The mob thinks blocking traffic and harassing local customers is “democracy.”
NO, it’s mob activity.

UPDATE: The protesters jumped a young couple in the Central West End.
The man got beat to a pulp.

A Channel 5 photographer got his camera thrown on the ground.

The protesters bashed out car lights.

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