Look Out St. Louis! Ferguson Protests Move To Target White Neighborhood, Lake St. Louis. Could Your Neighborhood Be Next?

In case you were wondering if the unrest in St. Louis, Ferguson especially, was provoked to incite a racial divide and violence, you’re probably on target. St. Louis is about to see another fanning of the flames, and they are targeting the predominantly white city of Lake St. Louis, Missouri, a few miles west of Ferguson. And the same players may look familiar to you, because, incase it wasn’t painfully clear before, there is an organized consortium hard at work to push their agenda.

Lake St. Louis is a quite and predominantly, but not entirely, white neighborhood in St. Charles, County. Most folks here don’t think twice when a black family moves in, but when you have it thrown in your face, it’s kinda hard to ignore.

St. Louis Post Dispatch outlines how one bi-racial, lesbian couple has stirred the pot to the point that long time residents are putting their houses up for sale.

 The house on Glen Brook Court has five bedrooms, four bathrooms, great curb appeal and sits in the Wentzville School District.

As the real estate listing says, it is “the perfect home in a wonderful neighborhood.”

But the owners say they have had enough. New neighbors have moved in, and the family living in the house with the “For Sale” sign in the front yard wants out, leaving behind 11 years of happiness.

So what’s the gist of the story? Like I said, a bi-racial, lesbian couple moved in. First, they violated neighborhood covenants by bringing more than the allowed number of dogs into their home, and allowed them to bark, outside, all night, into the early morning hours. Of course, eventually, neighbors called animal control and the police, and then the chaos ensued. Fences were built, surveillance cams installed, and punches were thrown. Yep, punches were thrown. And of course allegations of racism abound.

Hunter-Butler said the neighbors are trumping up charges against her because she is black and in an interracial lesbian relationship.

She points to an anonymous report made to police four days after Hunter-Butler and her family moved in. The caller reported several black male subjects “walking down the street with dogs and a couple of them are snapping pics of homes. Caller (advises) that this is an all-white neighborhood and they do not belong.”

After a police check, a notation was put into the report: “If caller calls back, (advise) them that a black family lives in the neighborhood.”

Trespass, and assault:

Sunday marked a 16th police visit after Hunter-Butler’s oldest son, Christopher Winston, invited a Ferguson protester to the house to put together a video outlining what Hunter-Butler says is the ongoing racial tension in the neighborhood.

The backyard neighbors, meanwhile, also have installed cameras, saying Hunter-Butler has threatened them. And Jana Chamblee said that Winston tried to set off an explosive device in her backyard — something he says is not true.

“I’m scared to let my children in the backyard,” she said.

After Hunter-Butler moved in, the Chamblees planted seven trees to create a barrier between the two backyards. Hunter-Butler responded by putting up a fence. On May 11, two days after Hunter-Butler and her family moved in, animal control received a call from Rebecca Scudder stating that Hunter-Butler’s dogs were in a makeshift shelter that was too small and that they had been without food and water for up to 12 hours. Animal control reported the animals seemed well cared for.

Hunter-Butler told the animal control officer that a group of boys came into her backyard on May 10 and squirted the dogs with a water gun. In response, animal control called Rebecca Scudder, who asked her son about the incident. “I advised Scudder to make sure that her son knows that doing that will only aggravate the dogs,” officer Sharon Lehman wrote in a report.

The relationship between Hunter-Butler and her backyard neighbors continued to erode. At one point, 14 petitions for orders of protection were filed from both sides of the fence. A judge last month dismissed all applications “for failure to state a cause of action.”

But the neighbors say they scored a victory when Hunter-Butler was charged this month with assault for allegedly punching Rebecca Scudder in the face on July 1.

According to Scudder, she walked to her back property line about 7:30 p.m. and confronted Hunter-Butler about her barking dogs.

“At that time words were exchanged between the two, and Maritha ended up hitting Rebecca in the face,” the police report states.

Officer Jacob Mendez said that when he arrived, Scudder had a “bloody nose, a severely swollen lip, and a bruise to the bridge of her nose.” He said Scudder was “very fearful of her neighbor because she was a ‘convicted felon.’”

Just incase you wondered, these details of this story are generally not making their way to any of the media outlets in St. Louis.

So, how does this become a protest issue? Enter Umar Lee. Umar is a regular on the Ferguson protest scene. He’s been embedded in the home of Maritha Hunter-Butler and make no bones about how he feels about this issue. Here’s an interview he conducted with the family.

Here’s another video. Listen to Hunter-Butler accuse the St. Charles County police of racism because they don’t specifically send black officers on calls to her home.


Here’s the blog post from Umar, organizing a protest march for the peaceful neighborhood next week.

With Talal Ahmad of Systematic Freedom yesterday I went to Lake St. Louis in St. Charles County,  Missouri and talked to a family experiencing racism.  What we found was appalling. Check my Twitter Feed and YouTube videos for details.  For investigating racism police were called on us and Talal Ahmad and I were harassed. Based on our findings we are organizing a protest march in Lake St. Louis next Sunday. Planning meeting Tuesday at 7 pm at Old Town Donuts in Florissant,  MO.  Action co-organized by STL Stranger Productions and Systematic Freedom.  We’ve already received the commitment of Bassem Masri and other activists to attend.

More info, much much more info and detail to come related to this story as it unfolds over the next hours/days. Stay tuned to ThreePercenterNation.


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