[PHOTOS] There is a new Fashion trend, that has Sprouts growing out of peoples heads….



A new statement piece of sorts has hit the streets of Beijing in the form of a small plastic sprout that appears to be growing from the top of wearers’ heads.



The clip-on hairpiece comes in a variety of forms, from blossoming flowers to delicate bean sprouts. It’s here. It’s now. It’s everywhere in Beijing, as you can see.



While we’d like to consider the trend some sort of subversive comment on the chronic air pollution that shrouds China’s capital, it’s really just a thing because it’s cute.



The origins of the trend aren’t exactly clear, but some media suggest that the hairpiece is inspired by a characterin “Pleasant Goat and the Big Bad Wolf”, a widely popular and occasionally violent Chinese animated TV show.


Sproutheads, as we’ve affectionately dubbed them, can be seen milling about in Beijing’s bustling tourist areas where street vendors hawk them alongside flower crowns and furry animal ears, trends of summers long passed.


Children, teenage girls, and even grown men have been photographed with the baby sprouts shooting from their mops of hair.



Those of you looking to get in on the trend while it’s still *young* can buy your own sprouts here for as cheap as 0.86 yuan.


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