Vet Stops Ferguson Protester From Burning/Stomping On American Flag

It just never ends. There is a segment of America that has been conditioned to hate and no amount of Ferguson protesting is gonna appease their vitriol. But one courageous vet had something to say about their disrespect of Old Glory.

Tense video captures the moment a Vietnam veteran confronts Ferguson protesters who are stomping on the American flag.

Indianapolis-based reporter Patrick Calvert tweeted the intense video out on Monday.

“I fought for this flag,” the man tells a small group of demonstrators. “What’s he doing to my f***ing flag?”

“We’re doing this to your f***ing flag,” a protester says as he grinds his feet into the stars and stripes.

“What does my flag have to do with this?” the man demands.

“It’s about what your flag represents that’s doing to us,” a protester responds.

Click here to watch the Fox News video:

Screen Shot 2015-08-11 at 9.54.34 PM

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