[NSFW-VIDEO] Mom Pulls Gun On Gang of Teens Threatening to Beat Her Son


Video has surfaced of a confrontation between a mother and a gang of teenagers she believed were threatening her 15-year-old son at Fleet Park in St. Charles County, Missouri.

According to Mail Online, Don and Tracy Lesser went to the park after their son Brett called to say he thought he was getting ready to be attacked by a gang of teenagers. Tracy walked right up to teens and one of the boys told her to get away, saying, “‘You don’t know shit” and “your son’s gonna get your ass beat right now, I’ll beat your son’s ass right now.”

Tracy responded by pulling out a handgun and telling the boys to stay away from her son. At that point, another one of the boys walked right up on her, so she turned and pointed the gun at him, and he said, “Don’t point that fucking gun at me.” He continued to talk to her while the first teen walked back up on her and said, “You’re fucking twisted in the head you dumb ass bitch.”

She told them to back up and one of the boys said, “You back up, you’re the one with the motherfucking gun.”

Tracy never fired a shot. Rather, the boys slowly separated and walked away all the while screaming vulgarities at her and daring her to pull the trigger.

According to the St. Louis Dispatch, Tracy said she never intended to use the gun. Rather, she “felt that was [her] only safeguard against being killed that night. Worst-case scenario, yes, [she said she] would have used it. But [she] didn’t.”

On August 29–three days after the incident in the park–Mail Online reports that “a dozen BBs were fired into the…front window” of the Lessers’ home. No one was injured by the young daughter, who sleeping near the window, was “traumatized.”

Here’s a video of the encounter, WARNING: GRAPHIC LANGUAGE

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