[PHOTOS] Hot Model Translates SnapChats From Women Into Man Speak…. Look at #6…


1.) Just subtly letting you know she’s available..snap 22.) Casually being cute.. she took this 5 times.. even the dog is judging..snap 33.) Tra la la just having a cute bubble bath… seed planted.snap 64.) Showing off various essential skills.. It’s a picture from a cooking magazine but if it’s on 3 seconds surely he won’t cop…Snap 75.) Her boobs are on point today and she’ll think of something random to write to you.. doesn’t really matter what she says.snap 46.) She more than likely IS wearing some make up.. but if you receive one of these and don’t compliment her in some way – good luck my friend. snap 57.) If you like her and she sends you something like this… be sound and do not screenshot! Once you break the screenshot trust there’s no going back.. But if she snaps you when she’s drunk it is a good sign!Snap 18.) You’ve snapped her first and if you get a reply like this then she probably has a face mask on and her hair in a turban and feels gross. If she snaps you back a selfie looking like that – then either you’ve got a confident one on your hands or you have been ‘friend zoned’ so she doesn’t really care if you see her looking like shit! snap 8

– See more at: http://hollycarpenterblog.com/hollys-world/what-shes-really-saying-on-snapchat/929#sthash.7lDscXbt.dpuf

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