[WATCH] Woman meets KARMA in VIRAL video after she slams food workers

(WBTV) –

A YouTube video showing an angry woman walking into a glass door after a long rant against restaurant workers has gotten over 5 million views.

The video “Angry Hot Kebab Girl Meltdown” shows an unidentified blonde woman berating two restaurant workers because she felt her order was incorrect.

“My child doesn’t eat green things,” she said, also scolding the workers for not speaking English.

Following her rant, she attempts to storm out of the restaurant and push the door open. Turns out the door operated by pulling, not pushing.

Smack. Instant karma.

Read more: http://www.cbs46.com/story/29989964/viral-video-instant-karma-knocks-woman-in-head#ixzz3lHezJrts

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