[VIDEO] SARAH PALIN Refers to #BlackLivesMatter Protesters As “Dogs”

Among the speakers at Wednesday’s anti-Iran nuclear deal rally in Washington, D.C., was Sarah Palin, who worked a comment about the #BlackLivesMatter movement into her remarks before shifting gears to focus on the topic at hand.

Palin began by thanking the crowd for coming out in opposition to the deal, but then she thought of another group she wanted to thank.

“Oh, and you know, since our president won’t say it, since he still hasn’t called off the dogs, we’ll say,” Palin said. “Police officers and first responders all across this great land, we’ve got your back, we salute you! Thank you, police officers!”

Blue Nation Review’s Jesse Berney was the first to call attention to Palin’s comments:


He later posted video of the remark on Twitter:

Quite frankly, we at Three Percenter Nation are in full agreement with Sarah because the #BlackLivesMatter protesters are no better than rabid dogs.


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