[VIDEO] Mom Watches In HORROR As Clueless Medical Receptionist Glues Toddler’s Eye Shut

Boy’s eye glued shut by clinic receptionist 2:20

What started as a minor injury when a mother brought her 3-year-old son in with a small scratch on his eyelid, somehow led to the child’s entire eye being glued shut by a medical receptionist with no medical training.

“I thought I was going to faint. I got emotional, I got scared. I was angry. I didn’t know what to do. My son was screaming he was trying to open his eye … it was very, very, scary,” Julia Vavatsikos told Go Public.

The family cat had scratched Vinnie’s eyelid. It was a small scratch, but his mom wanted to make sure everything was OK.

Dr. Jean Therrien was the only doctor working and decided the cut could be sealed with medical glue. He called a colleague into the room to help.

“I thought because it was Canada Day that maybe the clinic was short-staffed, and that he [the colleague] was either a nurse or medical student,” Vavatsikos said.

“The doctor was holding my son and kind of holding his eye and then the co-worker applied glue. He kind of missed and he glued my son’s eye shut.”

That co-worker was not a nurse or a medical student. According to Go Public, he was a clinic receptionist — a part-time employee with no medical training whatsoever.

“My son was yelling, ‘Mommy, mommy.’ He couldn’t open his eye and also the doctor looked like he was panicking. He was trying to open my son’s eye with water and his fingers, he was even swearing at that point. I’ve never met any doctors that swear. At that point, I knew something was really wrong,” Vavatsikos said.

Therrien then told Vavatsikos she needed to take Vinnie to an emergency room, where medical staff were waiting for them.

Vinnie en route to hospital with eye sealed shut 0:28

“The first nurse [we saw] couldn’t believe it. She said first of all, they try to avoid using glue because things like this could happen especially on places like an eye. But if they have to do it, the nurses aren’t allowed. It has to be a doctor or a specialist. At that point I was even more frustrated,” Vavatsikos said.

The hospital called in an ophthalmologist who carefully cut the boys eyelashes and pried his eye open.

Vavatsikos said she decided to tell her story to warn others and to make sure the doctor is held accountable.

“I don’t want any other kid, adult, baby to go through that — to go through what my son went through. He was absolutely traumatized. I think the doctor needs to know what he did wasn’t right. He might as well have asked me to put glue on my son’s eye.”

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