[VIDEO] Officer pulls over Mother and Teen Daughter, Instead of a ticket he writes Her a check

Maddie Carlson was sitting in the passenger seat of her mother’s SUV, when all of a sudden the police lights behind them started flashing. Then instead of going over to ask the 16-year-old’s mother for her license and registration, the officer went over to the passenger side to hand her a check.

CBS Boston reports the New Hampshire teen is battling a rare form of bone cancer, with which the high school junior was diagnosed in the spring.

“Maddie, on behalf of the Goffstown Police Association we want to give you a check for helping support you guys,” the officer said.

The whole thing was a setup.

“We want to see your license first,” the officer quipper. “Have a good time at lunch. This was all your mother’s idea.”

Read more at http://rare.us/story/police-pulled-over-this-new-hampshire-girls-mom-but-when-he-walked-over-the-passenger-side-window-her-life-changed-forever/#D328tWfzGmXbYhfP.99

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