Man Tries To Drown His Own Children Stating Pedophile Feelings

Police have arrested 29-year-old Alan Lassiter after he admitted he’d tried drowning his three small children in an apartment complex’s pond.

After Lassiter tossed his children into the pond Sunday night, an off duty sheriff’s deputy who lives in the complex was able to pull out Lassiter’s daughters, ages 3 and 5, and start administering CPR. Lassiter’s 7-year-old son was able to get away unharmed and run for help.

Lassiter called 911 afterwards and told the dispatcher what he had done, and why he did it. As you may have already guessed, it was everyone else’s fault but his own.

“I just drowned my two daughters in the lake back there ’cause CPS wanted to take them away from me,” he said. “I was dealing with some pedophilia things, OK, OK. I was dealing with some sexual desires that I was trying to get some help with, but instead they turned their back on me, the whole system, and tried to take my kids, and they took the rest of the, of the little happiness that I had.”

He then goes on to tell the dispatcher that chucking his children in a lake was a teaching aid that he hopes they will learn from.

“Y’all take this and learn from me. When somebody asks for help, really help them, OK? Because y’all didn’t help me,” he said. “You blame CPS for this. They trying to take people’s kids over dumb (expletive), and this is what you get! All I wanted was help. They wasn’t there for me. Nobody was there for me. Nobody helped me.”

Lassiter was arrested at the scene and has been charged with three counts of attempted murder. He’s being held in the Durham County jail under a $2.25 million bond. His 3-year-old was listed in critical condition on Monday, while her older sister was in stable condition. Their brother is with relatives.


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