Woman Discovers Cause Of This HUGE Blister & It Will Shock You

For a few days, Ella noticed her skin peeling and it started to hurt. She just thought she had a But when things didn’t go away with antibiotics, she decided to get a second opinion only to discover a horrible truth.

After the pain from the blister became unbearable for Ella, she went to a specialist and discovered that she was bitten by the “most venomous arachnid in Britain,” the False Widow spider.

Now that they discovered the cause of the blister, the specialist wasted no time and sent Ella to the William Harvey Hospital in Ashford, Kent.

Ella was hospitalized and not a moment too late. She received the treatment needed to cure the poisonous spider bite.

Collect of the reaction to a bite from a False Widow spider on the inner thigh of Ella Williamson, 3. See SWNS story SWWIDOW; A three-year-old girl spent three days in hospital and was unable to walk - after being bitten by a FALSE WIDOW SPIDER. Toddler Ella Williamson suffered for days after she was attacked by Britainís most venomous arachnid, leaving an eight-inch-wide blister. Her distraught mum Bobbie-Louise Willis, 24, was forced to take the youngster to a skin specialist when the nasty bite mark tripled in size over two days. Bobbie-Louise spoke out yesterday (Weds) as experts warned the weather was ripe for a "population boom" of the creepy crawlies.

How long did it take for Ella’s huge blister to heal?

After about a month the scab healed but it took two whole months before any signs of the false widow bite disappeared. Now Ella has made a complete recovery.

But although Ella is okay, her mother might have ended up worse off.

She now has a debilitating phobia of spiders.

“I always used to put spiders outside, but after seeing what Ella went through, I would definitely kill one right away,” Willis explained.

False widow spiders are often confused for black widows.

While not as deadly as their more well known counterparts, their bites are very painful and can lead to large blisters such as Ella’s.


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