What Matt Damon Just Said About Gays in Hollywood Has the Entire Liberal Media PISSED OFF

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Actor Matt Damon’s Sunday interview with The Guardian isn’t going over well among the liberal Hollywood elite.

According to IJ Review:

During the interview, he said that actors are better when people know less about their personal lives — and that means, career-wise, gay actors are better off staying in the closet.

For context, the actor spoke about how in the early days of his career, some critics claimed that he and Ben Affleck were gay, and he worried about how the rumors would affect his career.

“I don’t want to, like [imply] it’s some sort of disease – then it’s like I’m throwing my friends under the bus,” Damon told The Guardian.

“But at the time, I remember thinking and saying, Rupert Everett was openly gay and this guy – more handsome than anybody, a classically trained actor – it’s tough to make the argument that he didn’t take a hit for being out.”

“I think it must be really hard for actors to be out publicly,” continued the actor, who is currently promoting his new film ‘The Martian.’

“But in terms of actors, I think you’re a better actor the less people know about you period. And sexuality is a huge part of that. Whether you’re straight or gay, people shouldn’t know anything about your sexuality because that’s one of the mysteries that you should be able to play.”



After the predictable amount of backlash ensued from the liberal media, Damon sat down with Ellen DeGeneres on Tuesday to clear up what he really meant.

“I was just trying to say actors are more effective when they’re a mystery. Right? And somebody picked it up and said I said gay actors should get back in the closet. Which is like I mean it’s stupid, but it is painful when things get said that you don’t believe,” he told the openly gay comedian.

Do you think what Matt Damon told The Guardian was offensive enough to warrant media outrage? Or are the usual culprits getting their panties all in a bunch over nothing? Leave your opinion in the comments section below.

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