[VIDEO] During a time of high fuel prices this fuel station owner gets creative!

Who said that gasoline is too expensive today? In Ukraine, in the capital Kiev, a boss of a service station has set up an interesting challenge for the promotion of its trade: all those who come in their full bikini should not pay a single cent. While initially women were the most likely to make the swimsuit on the way to qualify for free gas (up to 60 liters), men who had borrowed their bikini women have also emerged.


Yes, it must be cold

Anyway, the idea very much to Kiev residents who defend the concept, especially women: “I think women do it to save their money, or fill the car of their husbands. I think it’s mostly about money, no fun, “says a client. Since the beginning of the conflict with Russia and separatist, Ukraine is experiencing its biggest inflation in oil prices for almost 20 years. This marketing operation should bring smiles to the people and a people in great need.

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