Hilarious–Watch This Small Pooch Protect His Home From These Bears

A 20-pound French Bulldog is being called a hero after scaring off three bears outside her home in Monrovia, California.

On Friday afternoon, two bears — believed to be about a year old each — wandered into the home’s front yard. A third bear was on the balcony, just out of range of the security camera.

The family guard dog, Jules, wasn’t deterred by being outsized and outnumbered as she quickly went after the bears and scared them off her turf.

The now-viral surveillance video shows the bears moseying around the property of the French bulldog’s master, until the bulldog spots them and chases them away.

At first, one bear runs up the stairs, but then the bear turns around and actually jumps over a fence to escape from the brave little dog.

Watch the YouTube clip above and see an alternate angle of the hilarious confrontation from a different security camera below.

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