They Made Fun Of His Accent But This Southern Boy Did Not Take It Lying Down

Chad Prather, the host of Ride Television Network’s “It’s My Backyard” recently defended his southern accent in a YouTube video and the clip has since gone viral, having garnered more than 1.6 million views. (video below)

According to Prather, he was asked to weigh in on the Confederate flag debate but he replied that he didn’t want to step into the debate. However, he used the video to defend his accent from detractors who said he sounds unintelligent while taking a stand for southern culture, The Dallas Morning News reported.

“They told me the South, with ‘that backwoods mindset’, is what’s wrong with this country and to stop polluting the world with my ignorance,” Prather said. “Someone really did not get sugar in his coffee that day.”

He listed the South’s achievements, ranging from college football to its economic strengths. “We’re not the Confederate South,” he said. “There’s a heritage to that history, but there is a culture here to be admired.”

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