[VIDEO] ‘More Gun Control Needed’ Says Oregon College Murderer’s Dad


Man Talk BlogI cannot hide my anger and disgust for truly dangerously stupid and mentally illogical people.

Now comes the Roseburg area Umpqua College murdering sociopath’s nut cake’ Euro-trash dad calling for more gun control in our country. Ian Mercer (the murderer’s dad) seen in an interview with CNN (Communist News Network) says he has “never held a gun in his life.

Well goody for him. Too bad he did not raise his P.O.S. kid so righteously!

I believe his dad, Ian Mercer is the primary reason his kid grew up wrong and killed the people in the Oregon College–after all, he raised him, he had the influence to guide him. And then again, after seeing the twisted blame averting logic his dad espouses, maybe dad is the precise reason his kid went off the rails to think that shooting people would magically elevate his twisted ego.

Mercer and his wife Laurel (mom-the “Harper” half of their murderous son’s hyphenated last name) were divorced in 2006.

2008 court records indicate that a sexual harassment law suit was filed against (dad) Ian Mercer and the company he worked for his allegedly sexually harassing a male employee of a large bagel chain store in which he was the manager. This event allegedly took place in Thousand Oaks California. In 2009 the case was eventually dismissed by a judge–no other details.

Any parent or adult for that matter who makes the following statement below must be psychologically twisted using projection of blame to protect himself and family. In his self serving blame anything but his crack minded kid and himself in his anti-gun rant former British citizen and the murderer’s dad Ian Mercer told CNN — “Guns are the murderers!” Yeah, he really said that–I watched it! (see video below)

Anyone who blames an inanimate object for murdering people and then calling that object a “murderer” (only humans can be murderers) must be so mentally screwed up it is no surprise he raised a son likewise so detached from reality as to rationalize that killing innocents is an ego booster–after he is dead.

I feel the blame his murderous actions falls on his detached from reality dad and possibly his hyphenated parent’s lives. Think how the nut-cake shooter must have been raised when this type of twisted logic is espoused by his dad in his the guns did it rant with CNN.

Using Ian Mercer’s twisted logic–he would also blame trees for the wild fires in California!

So Ian Mercer comes to the United States to live under our Constitutions protections. Then he and his (now divorced) wife Laurel raise a fruit bar P.O.S. who fails in life so badly in life the twisted kid thinks killing innocent people is a good way to make it here.

After hearing his dad blame guns for his son’s murderous actions what else can one believe about how screwed up the mass murderer’s family life really was–and who is probably to blame for it and the ultimate outcome.

I have an idea for Ian Mercer, the now famed father of a mass murderer and advocate of destruction of our Bill Of Rights. How about getting your Euro-trash ass back to your beloved UK which you left to come here and live under our Constitution.

JUST WAIT, it will get “better”–the Nazi-like thinking anti-Second Amendment, anti-Constitution, anti-Bill Of Rights organizations and anti-liberty government power fruit cakes in them will be clamoring for Mercer to become a high-paid spokesman.

A spokesman to attack our Bill Of Rights and by definition our Constitution–just as the Nazi-like anti-Second Amendment thinkers in the anti-Constitution movement have done with others (including former congressional types, presidential press aides and their spouses)–all very willing to sellout our constitutionally protected freedoms for big bucks and political points.

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