[WATCH] Alabama Politician Actions Lead To Arrest After What He Did To Reporter

A city commissioner in Alabama has been arrested and is facing third-degree assault charges after striking a local news reporter for asking questions about alleged voter fraud.

Amos Newsome was leaving the Dothan City civic center earlier today, after sitting down for a meeting regarding an investigation into four people facing fraud charges in connection with his most recent election. As he walked, WTVY reporter Ken Curtis came up to him and started asking questions about the public sentiment and his possible resignation.

After dodging questions and pushing away the microphone, Newsome turned around, raised a clawed hand, and told Curtis to “git” before grabbing at his face.

Curtis got a scratch on his face and a swollen eye, and Amos was later taken into custody by the police. WTVY Vice President and General Manager Spencer Bienvenu announced plans to take legal action against Newsome.

“We understand that holding political office can be stressful, but that never warrants unwanted physical contact, let alone an open, public assault,” Bienvenu said. “Our employee was attacked in the course of doing their job, which they are entitled to do without the fear of physical violence.”

You can watch WTVY’s report above.


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