Kim Davis Was Offered $500k, For The Most Immoral and Disgusting Thing Imaginable

Kim-Davis-e1442240782922-300x197-300x197Following her hotly-contested visit with Pope Francis and Saturday Night Live host Miley Cyrussong wishing her good riddanceKim Davis had unlocked the highest achievement in new media celebrity: porn.

According to Death and Taxes, a new press release from a pornography company called The Dogfart Network is offering the anti-LGBT clerk in Rowan County, Kentucky $500,000 to participate in an interracial lesbian porn scene. Yes, you read that correctly. A company calling itself “The Dogfart Network” wants to give Davis half a million dollars to have sexual relations with a non-Caucasian woman.

Here is the press release in full:

With all the controversy surrounding Rowan County, Kentucky clerk Kim Davis’ refusal to issue same sex marriage licenses even after the Supreme Court of the United States made same sex marriage the law of the land, The Dogfart Network which is the leading online destination for Adult Interracial content is offering the Holy Kim Davis a chance at redemption.

The undisputed kings of interracial porn are dangling $500k to star in a scene for their site, which is one of 23 sites in the companies vast Adult Entertainment Empire. specializes in Lesbian Interracial Erotica.

“We here at Dogfart have always believed in equality. We have interracial sites, gay sites, straight sites, and we think Kim Davis has been appalling,” said a Dogfart Spokesman. “We are giving her a chance at a redemption. We are willing to drop half a million bucks for Kim to come out to our studio and shoot an Interracial Lesbian scene for our network.”

The offer will stand for the next week. She is also welcome to bring her family with her on an all expense paid vacation.

Considering that a lesbian erotic novel, Kim Goes to Jail already exists, the move from textual to visual pornography makes the most sense. Besides, as the press release emphasizes, Davis can bring her fourth husband and her kids along for what amounts to a free work trip, compliments of “the undisputed kings of interracial porn”.


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