TED NUGENT to the “Losers”: Not Having a Gun Is “Suicidal Choice That Will Get You Killed”

Screen-Shot-2013-02-11-at-4.17.53-PM (1)In the wake of the Oregon shooting, Ted Nugent has a WND column calling out “losers” and “helpless sheep” who don’t want to be armed and are therefore making an “irresponsible, suicidal choice that will get you killed.”

He declares, “I smell dirty, rotten, anti-American, criminal loving, constitutional oath violating infringement running amok where the Second Amendment no longer exists. That’s what I smell.”

Nugent thinks that anyone who believes “the lie of political correctness” that some gun control is needed and they don’t need guns themselves will end up getting “cut down by murderous maniacs like blind sheep to slaughter”.

And so he makes this call to all Americans that goes a little farther than Ben Carson‘s suggestion to rush the shooter:

I don’t recognize my fellow human beings who are so callous, so dishonest, so drunk on political correctness and denial as to ignore this self-imposed death wish upon their fellow Americans.

Here’s the answer. Quit acting like helpless sheep afraid of a simple tool. Get a damn handgun. Practice with it. Train with it. Learn to carry it hidden and discreetly. And when attacked by a bear or cougar, don’t “try to look big” – just shoot the damn thing.

If someone is approaching you with the intent to do grave bodily harm, and you will know it when it happens, try to escape to the best of your ability, but if there is no escape, pull out your weapon and aim for center mass and start shooting. Keep on shooting until you believe the threat to be over.

Nugent calls on all Americans to join the NRA and vote Republican, concluding with “Disarmed and helpless is an irresponsible, suicidal choice that will get you killed. Defend yourself.”

You can read his full column here.


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