Teacher Asks Students ‘What Do You Wish Your Teacher Knew?’ The Answers? Shocking

At the Doull Elementary School in Denver, Colorado, you won’t find tons of kids wearing luxury sneakers or fancy backpacks. A large percentage of the population come from low-income families and 92% of them are part of a free or subsidized lunch program – because their parents can’t afford to feed them.

Kyle Schwarz is a third-grade teacher at Doull and recently decided to ask her students an important question, one that most teachers dance avoid. She asked, “What do you wish your teacher knew?” and her students answers were absolutely heartbreaking.

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Kyle expected some answers that would tug at the heartstrings, but she had no idea that it would turn into something of this magnitude. The children really embraced the question, opening up about problems in school and at home that were affecting their lives.
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