Dad Holds His Baby in the Crook of His Arm to Sleep — And It’s the Biggest Mistake of His Life



Parents who let their babies sleep with them in bed are putting their children’s lives at risk, a coroner has said.
Northampton coroner Anne Pember gave the warning after concluding an inquest into a 11-week-old baby’s death.

Darcie-Rose Souster died after being starved of oxygen as she slept on her father’s arm at home in Wellingborough.

Mrs Pember said “sleeping with a baby, particularly young children, is unsafe.”

The baby died at Northampton General Hospital on 22 January, after her father Justin Souster, 42, woke up in bed to find her “floppy” and unresponsive.

Her mother Nicola Souster, 40, was in the bed along with one of their other children, who had climbed in with them during the night.

Darcie-Rose Souster

‘Unsafe’ sleeping

Consultant paediatric pathologist Dr Roger Malcomson, who carried out the post-mortem examination, found evidence of blood in the child’s lungs and other markers of asphyxia.

He said there were no suspicious circumstances.

But he said the way in which Darcie-Rose had been put to bed at their home in Wellingborough was an “unsafe sleeping environment” which had increased the risk of death.

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