How This Popular Drink Almost Killed One Woman & Now She Is Warning Others…..

Hoping to raise awareness about a “killer in your fridge,” a blogger shared one woman’s bizarre but serious health battle.

In October 2001, an otherwise healthy woman began suffering from stomach spasms and excruciating pain that radiated through her body, the woman’s sister wrote for blogger Rhonda Gessner’s website. Even walking “was a major chore.”

“It took everything she had just to get out of bed; she was in so much pain,” the sister wrote.

Several biopsies and 24 prescription medications later, the woman was nowhere near a diagnosis or recovery. In March 2002, the woman felt herself fading and “just knew she was dying,” according to the sister.

 She set her affairs in order and made sure that all of her children would be well cared for when she passed. At this point, she was “basically in a wheelchair” but scheduled one last vacation at the end of March, so that she would have one last adventure.

Although the woman’s tests still came up negative, doctors believed that she had Multiple Schlerosis (MS).

Three days before her Florida trip, the woman told her sister the news.

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