Here Is The Graduation Photo That Was Rejected Because It Was Too Provocative…

As you know, some high school seniors like to take their own photos for the year book. But when this Barre, Vermont teen submitted a graduation photo showing some cleavage, her high school yearbook rejected them.

17-year-old Lillian Clark said Spaulding High School sent her an email detailing why they rejected the photo that she and her family loved most of all. It would not appear in the yearbook.

“The photo is lovely,” Clark said. She then read from the rejection email:

“Before it can be accepted, we have to abide to school policy in regard to dress code and cleavage.”

Although Clark had other less “provocative” photos, her family encouraged her to send in the one with cleavage because they loved it.

“I wanted something sweeter, so I wanted a dress or a skirt,” she said.

Because Clark noticed photos in previous yearbooks that violated dress code, she felt in her rights to bend the rules too.

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