An eyewitness told Radar the Top Gun actor, 55, was admitted to the Hollywood hospital in the past 24 hours under the name “Oscar Davis.” Kilmer could barely speak, the source claimed, and had a tracheotomy tube, IVs, and several other machine hookups trailing from his body as he was wheeled through the ICU on a gurney.

The eyewitness said the medics were discussing “comfort care.”

However, this is at least the second sudden hospital visit for the actor this year, as concerns about his health continue to mount.

On January 26, Kilmer was rushed to the UCLA Medical Center after EMTs received a 911 call from his home around 11:30 p.m. His rep confirmed he was “undergoing tests at a Los Angeles hospital for a possible tumor” and was “being cared for by his two children, Mercedes, 23, and son Jack, who is 19.”

But on Jan. 31, Kilmer posted on Facebook: “Again, no tumor, no surgery … will stay close to my doctors advising, my family and Christian Science practitioner when all the facts are in.”

The next month, the ENQUIRER claimed that experts said he likely had “months to live” as his health rapidly declined.

And in June, doctors told the magazine he could be “dead by the end of the summer!”

Kilmer steadfastly continued to deny the reports, but he couldn’t hide his shrinking frame. And all year, scarves became a staple of his wardrobe as he refused to let his neck region see the light of day.

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