[WATCH] New Video Shows ISIS Prison Raid Where First American Soldier Was Killed

It was on Friday that the U.S. Military informed the media that Joshua Wheeler became the first American soldier to be killed by ISIS during a raid on one of their prisons. Today, the a body-cam video was released that purportedly shows the joint operation by American and Kurdish forces that freed around 70 people from northern Iraq.

NBC News reported that they received the footage from the Jordanian news agency Arab24, which was given by Kurdish forces who captured the scene on helmet cameras. The video shows the complex being raided by soldiers in Hawija, showing a group of men running and being led by soldiers as gunfire rings out in the background.

While the footage does not show Wheeler’s death, it does show at least eight soldiers inspecting the hostages before leading them through a building filled with numerous bits of ISIS paraphernalia.

You can watch the raid in the first video above, via Associated Press, and a longer version in the second video, via PZ Feed.


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