[WATCH] Massive Schoolyard Brawl Ends With Four Cops Injured!

Police in Allentown, PA responded to a fight outside a high school on Thursday involving up to 200 students.

Four of the cops were injured, including a female officer who was surrounded and attacked on the ground by at least one student. You can see the video below.

A local Patch reporter has more:

Police Officers Attacked By Students During Brawl Outside Pa. School

Four police officers were injured, including a female officer who was taken to the ground, after responding to a 200-person brawl outside a Pennsylvania high school Thursday.

According to reports, the officers were injured as they responded to a fight around 3 p.m. near Allen High School in Allentown.

Violent video of the brawl and the attack on the officers was posted to Facebook. Authorities say three students have been arrested so far, the Morning Call reported.

When police responded to the fight, which had spilled out to the streets, the students began targeting the officers, the video shows. The video shows a female officer pushed to the ground and attacked by a student.




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