One Man Is Told To Remove His Christmas Display, The Reason Why Is Absurd

A man was told by his neighborhood homeowners association to remove his Christmas decorations for fear of offending non-Christians, Fox News reports.

Every year, Jeremy Morris of Hayden, Idaho goes above and beyond with his Christmas display. He uses tens of thousands of lights, a living Nativity scene with an actual camel by the name of Dolly, and even a 22-voice choir.

The display is so impressive that folks from all over town travel just to see it.

But the homeowners association of his new neighborhood West Hayden Estates does not share the same enthusiasm.

Fox News explains,

“Last year, he purchased a home in their neighborhood – with hopes of making his annual holiday event bigger and better.

“It takes about three months to install all the lights and the decorations – so the Morrises are already hauling out the holly and reindeer and other holiday accessories.

“Hence, the war on Christmas in Autumn.

“The HOA objected to the lavish display and put Jeremy on their naughty list.

“They were especially upset about the religious nature of Jeremy’s display – as noted in a certified letter he said he received from the homeowner’s association board.”
In the letter, the West Hayden Estates HOA expressed that Morris’s Christmas display could be problematic for residents that are “non-Christians or of another faith.”

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